Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

The key to success lies in gaining customers┬┤ trustworthiness through individual partnerships

The company prosperity builds on the provision of additional value that comes along with customers┬┤ satisfactory.

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

To help us to meet demand for the continuous enhancement and improvement of our services, we would like to ask you to fill in the following customer satisfaction questionnaire. This will provide us with important information for monitoring and evaluating the way we work with our customers and their satisfaction with our products and services. Evaluation of the information obtained is an essential resource for improving and developing mutual trade relations.

Basic Details:



Contact details
Description of services, or product

Customer Satisfaction Rating:

1 = very satisfied, 2 = satisfied, 3 = rather satisfied, 4 = dissatisfied, 5 = very dissatisfied

How would you rate your satisfaction with the quality and speed with which we prepare an offer?
(reaction time, level of communication, completeness)
Do we meet deadlines for supplying products or services to your satisfaction?
(compliance with the agreed deadline, provision of information during the processing of an order)
Are you satisfied with the quality and completeness of the supply?
(tests and acceptance, packaging, transport and billing documents, dispatch and transport)
Are you satisfied with the quality of communication with the sales department?
(tender procedure, information on the progress of orders and the final deadline, complaints procedure)
How would you rate your satisfaction with the quality of technical documentation for your order?
(accompanying technical documentation, instructions, certificates)
Are you satisfied with the manner in which we deal with non-standard requirements?
(proposal, development, communication, quality and suitability of proposed solutions)
How would you rate the presentation of the company, including products and services?
(accessibility to and quality of catalogues and our website)
Are our prices proportionate to the quality of products and services?
Recommendations for improvement: