MOSTRO valves and spare parts are delivered together with technical documentation which is archived throughout the entire service life of the respective valve

Documentation in the form of a passport confirms compliance with all requirements under confirmed contracts, always in the required language version and within the framework of the relevant legal requirements.

The accompanying technical documentation includes

  1. General product data,
  2. Declaration of Conformity / EU Declaration of Conformity / Declaration of Conformity with Order,
  3. Welding data, welding plan, list of welders,
  4. Heat treatment records,
  5. Test reports, including non-destructive methods,
  6. Lists of crack detection technicians,
  7. Information on any repairs,
  8. Spare parts lists,
  9. Protocols on markings transfer,
  10. Material sheets used to manufacture main parts,
  11. Part sketches, valve assembly drawings,
  12. Valves strength calculations,
  13. Inspection and testing programmes,
  14. Instruction manuals for valves and electric drives, if necessary,
  15. Inspection reports and certificates issued by an authorized person.