Company philosophy

MOSTRO a.s. wants to be seen as a supplier of high-quality complex products with the emphasis on safety and reliability

The long-term goal is to provide a comprehensive selection of valves, gate valves, swing and special valves and accessories for power equipment, and to expand the range of additional products offered through our own sales network.

Company vision

MOSTRO a.s. is a traditional European manufacturer and supplier of pressure valves used in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. The company aims to create a solid and long-term partnership with its owners, employees, customers and partners, in order to create a strong basis for future growth.


Company strategy includes a strong focus on customer needs and a customer-oriented approach. In order to achieve the established strategic goals, we mainly focus on the areas and ways to provide customers with complete services and solutions, including the sale of valves.
MOSTRO a.s. understands that integrity between economic and environmental activities is the only way to achieve sustainable development.

Social responsibility

MOSTRO, a.s. is a socially responsible company consistently committed to improving the workplace environment and satisfaction of its employees, and is also actively involved in regional development.