Our products pressure tests which are carried out according to approved procedures defined in the relevant standards and norms, as well as in accordance with customer requirements

These tests correspond with the basic requirements defined in EN 12266-1 which specifies test procedures, acceptance criteria and the so-called mandatory requirements.

Carried out by trained and independent staff from the Quality control department, pressure tests take place through the use of special test stations.

Part of the NDT tests is provided by an external service provider, a company called X-Ray, which has been contractual partner of MOSTRO a.s. for many years.

Each tested valve is attached with a test protocol.

Test methods used:

RT – radiographic testing
UT – ultrasound testing
MT – magnetic powder testing
PT – capillary testing
LT-C – leak testing - Helium method
VT – visual testing

Staff is qualified as per: EN ISO 9712-2013

Individual test methods are carried out and evaluated through the following standards:

RT – EN ISO 17636-1, 2, EN ISO 10675-1
UT – EN ISO 17 640, EN ISO 11 666
MT – EN ISO 17638
PT – EN ISO 3452-1, EN ISO 23277
LT-C – EN ISO 20485
VT – EN ISO 17637, EN ISO 5817

It is also possible to use the Russian PNAE G regulations.