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Anyone who produces high-quality products also has good arguments and is satisfied with the confidence in MOSTRO a.s. and the ever-growing circle of customers both at home and abroad.

Since the introduction of the production of valves the company has supplied its products to 318 units in conventional power plants with power output from 50 to 500 MW, and to 65 units of nuclear power plants located in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Poland, Bosnia, Finland, Turkey, India, Iran, China, and other countries in Asia, Africa and North and South America with various capacities ranging from 440 to 1,500 MW.

The company has offices in Slovakia, Ukraine, the Russian Federation and Bulgaria.

Contact details:


ZPA Pečky – Slovakia, spol. s r. o.
Mudroňová 41, 036 01 Martin
Telefón: +421 43 42 300 42

Obchodný riaditeľ: Ing. Jozef Markovič
Mobil: +421 908 728 843


ул.Дарвина 37 г.Харьков, 61002 Украина
тел. : +38 057 715 65 91

Russian Federation

119027, г. Москва, ул. 1-я Рейсовая, дом 6
тел. : +74953171443

Генеральный директор П.А.Аксенов