We offer a wide selection of industrial valves for both conventional and nuclear power engineering, but also for the chemistry, gas and petrochemistry sectors

Our construction design department creates products with regard to specific requirements, and adapts characteristics of valves based on the intended use and on the specific customer needs, as well as the requirements of the environment where the valves are to be operated.

A request for products includes the number of units, type of valve, type of actuation, model type, DN, PN, or operating pressure Pp and operating temperature Tp, body material, operating fluid, connection (pipe size, dp, bevel No.), or other special requirements (tropical environment, non-explosive, seismic conditions, by-pass, required documentation according to CSN or DIN etc. In the case of nuclear power, the inquiry also specifies the location outside or inside the hermetic-seal zone, class and group, locking device, etc.).

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