Corporate compliance is a natural part of the company's internal strategy and company culture

It is part of the system which guarantees compliance of internal rules with external obligations, while putting an emphasis on adherence to corporate ethical codes (see ISO 19600:2016 standard).

The established concept of corporate compliance policy is defined both by the conditions of corporate governance, and by its close link to social responsibilities..

The importance of corporate compliance policy lies primarily in prevention, identification and protection and creates a comprehensive system of sustained assurance and improvement of the company activities, while complying with legal, moral and ethical standards and rules, as well as with competition, financial and tax integrity requirements, and finally, it assures appropriate measures against corruption. Equally important areas include the protection of the environment, appropriate employment relations and protection of personal data, etc.

In addition to this, the company has introduced a unified system of communication which is used to share complaints concerning, in particular, unfair conduct that may damage MOSTRO a.s., business partners, related parties, or employees.

The company considers the following areas to be of key importance in terms of protection of data, intellectual property, prevention of corrupt conduct, or other undesirable activities. These measures are intended to reduce the following risks:

Notifications may be communicated using one of the following ways:

* Relation of the notifier towards MOSTRO a.s.
* Text of the notification, brief description

* Required fields
Fill in the E-mail/Phone No. of the notifier only if you require feedback.



The recipient of the complaint is the Human Resources Department, which will forward the notice for proper verification.