IMS policy

Integrated quality and environmental management system policy

IMS policy with regard to the integrated quality and environmental management system, and in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 14001:2015.

The mission of MOSTRO a.s. is to manufacture high-quality products and services, and to perform services and continuous improvement, while respecting demanding requirements in the field of safety and environmental consequences related to raw materials and energy resources.

Our common goal is to follow our long tradition of manufacturing of valves, especially for the nuclear power engineering, and to become a credible, competitive, innovative and prosperous manufacturing company specializing in the production of power, chemical and petrochemical products.

Our values anticipate innovation, partnership, reliability, responsibility and commitment.

To achieve the above, the company management has established the following long-term goals:

  1. To acquire a position of a traditional supplier of valves for nuclear and conventional power plants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and to expand our activities to the Russian and Ukrainian market.
  2. To introduce new progressive technologies in the field of the so-called special processes, namely in the field of welding and additive manufacturing/welding and heat-treatment.
  3. To develop and improve qualifications and skills of existing employees, and to share experience and knowledge with newcomers starting at new locations.
  4. To fully integrate the manufacturing basis of MOSTRO a.s. and ZPA Pečky.

Based on the above established long-term goals, and in order to ensure continuous fulfilment of requirements and expectations of stakeholders (interested parties), the company management has established the following principles:

  1. Focus on the customer and business partner:
    • Satisfaction and long-term relationship with the customer,
    • monitoring of the progress of orders from the first contact with the customer all the way to product delivery,
    • permanent responsibility for conformity of manufactured products and services with specific and legislative requirements,
    • ability to respond flexibly to changing customer requirements,
    • creating mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers in terms of manufacturing cooperation and outsourcing,
    • secure availability of initial materials and external services through rigorous selection of suitable suppliers, monitor their eligibility and the quality of products and services delivered by these suppliers.
  2. Internal company area:
    • Provide a modern work environment and develop personal responsibility, involvement and motivation of employees,
    • optimize all processes in new locations,
    • develop employee knowledge and skills, motivate employees to respect team work,
    • achieve a high level of employee dedication in terms of company goals, objectives and plans.
  3. Shareholders:
    • Stabilize the company in a new location and ensure further company development,
    • initiate good relations with state institutions,
    • develop cooperation with our Russian partner in the area of obtaining OIT certificates, as well as in terms of introducing valve production in the premises of our Russian partner.
  4. IMS field:
    • Provide resources for the continuous development and improvement of the quality system in personnel, financial and material sector,
    • identify and consider risks in ongoing processes within the company,
    • ensure effective management and monitoring of the production process with the emphasis on product quality and safety,
    • through appropriate approach and correct treatment of stakeholders, and through the implementation of corporate rules, make sure that the Code of Ethics is observed and fulfilled.

The IMS policy is announced by the company management with the prior expectation that it will be understood and accepted by all company employees and stakeholders.