Code of Ethics

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We seek to be a socially responsible company that respects ethical principles, adheres to legal regulations, and values its customers, partners and employees, and is environmentally friendly.

MOSTRO a.s. is a Czech manufacturing company offering a unique portfolio of products and services used primarily in conventional and nuclear power engineering. The first and most important commitment we cherish is our production programme which has been successfully contributing to the development of the company since 1958. Our production line includes valves and fittings for nuclear power plants which comply with the most demanding requirements in terms of quality, reliability and safety.

Another key aspect of our company is to follow ethical, correct, transparent and fair conduct in all situations and under all circumstances, and by acting in a responsible and sustainable manner. In addition to the adherence to international standards, norms, laws and internal regulations, including generally applicable ethical standards, our basic corporate values also include professional conduct and negotiation rules.

Our daily business policy is based on a responsible and open approach, trust, reliability and collaboration, while striving for continuous improvement. These represent core values followed by each company employee.

On the grounds of these commitments, which guarantee long-term success, we develop and sustain cooperation with our business partners.

The company has developed a Code of Ethics which further defines principles and rules of ethical conduct followed by employees when dealing with each other, or when working outside of our premises. The principles and rules of the internal code aim to create pleasant workplace conditions and environment which not only increase productivity and quality of products, but also help the company attract and keep professional employees.

The Code of Ethics also reflects the company's obligation to limit negative impact of its activities on the environment.

The Code of Ethics is based on the following principles:

The so-called Compliance link is used to report suggestions: Compliance link

The Company does not tolerate any form of revenge against employees who, in good faith, reported misconduct, or other negative information.