Valves - Nuclear power engineering

Valves used for nuclear power engineering

The selection of products consists of the A00, A01, A10, A11, A13, A30, A43 and A45 series and includes a wide range of valves including gate valves, quick acting gate valves, swing valves and control valves up to DN 800.
This line of valves has been supplied for many decades and used in primary circuits of nuclear power plants.

The design and technical parameters of all valves for nuclear power engineering comply with the NP-068-05 standard "Pipe valves for nuclear power plants: General technical requirements" as well as with the applicable legislative requirements of the Czech Republic, i.e. Act No. 263/2015 Coll., SÚJB Decree No. 358/2015 Coll., SÚJB Decree No. 408/2015 Coll., SÚJB Decree No. 329/2017 Coll., Government directive No. 219/2015 Coll., of the Slovak Republic in particular Decree of ÚJD SR No. 430/2011 Coll., Decree of ÚJD SR No. 431/2011 Coll., Decree of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family No. 508/2009 Coll. and the normative technical documentation of the Association of Mechanical Engineers (NDT A.S.I) for the use in nuclear power plants with VVER type reactors.

Valves for nuclear power engineering are manufactured from steels No. 11416, 12020, 22 K and 08Cr18Ni10Ti and are designed for operating pressures of up to 20 MPa and operating temperatures of up to 350 °C. Upon the customer's request, these valves may also be manufactured from steel types not included in this product range.

The selection of products used in nuclear power engineering includes valves with the following technical characteristics:

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