Valves - Conventional power engineering

Valves used for conventional power engineering

Valves designed for power plants, fossil fuel power stations and the chemical industry are manufactured in versions V46, Z15, S43, L10, M22, V65, Z25 and G30, including a wide range of materials. Construction design and characteristics of valves comply with internationally recognized standards as per CSN, DIN, GOST for temperatures up to 600 °C with inside diameter from DN 10 to DN 500.

The selection of products used in conventional power engineering includes valves with the following technical parameters:

Based on individual customer requirements, such as hand wheel, electric actuator, spur or bevel gear, remote control, etc. valve control systems also vary according to the nature of the product.

The construction design of MOSTRO valves provides a high degree of safety and long-term operational reliability guaranteed by the established quality system certified in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2016.

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