News and press releases

August 2018 - Automated welding machine
In August 2018, a new automatic welding machine CB MATIC SM 32x33 made by French manufacturer OERLIKON with a rotating positioning device was put into operation. The investment amounted to CZK 4.6 million.
Having put this new submerged arc welding technology into operation, the company is now able to comply with all regulations regarding the so-called special welding processes.
The automatic welding station using SAW method is designed for rotary part welding. The machine utilizes cutting-edge microprocessor technology which offers flexibility in use, and guarantees high reliability and superb control of the welding cycle.

The machine is equipped with a flux welding head and automatic weld track guidance system called TRACMATIC.

December 2017 - New furnaces
Our priority was to obtain new technologies, and to purchase two new CAN-type electric furnaces from a well-established Czech manufacturer named REALISTIC Karlovy Vary. The total investment reached CZK 2.5 million, and the furnaces were put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2017.
The reason for this investment was not only the obsolete status of the old furnaces from the 1980s, but mainly the new legislation regulating the so-called special processes and pressure equipment which came into force in January 2015.
Electric resistance furnaces are designed to reach temperatures of 800 °C, or 1,100 °C and the entire process is controlled by microprocessors.

The furnace control system is equipped with a temperature regulator and with a data collection system which are recorded in real time. The entire technological process is recorded in the form of data and transmitted via a communication line to PC where all data are archived.

April 2017 - Facility relocation
Following the entry of our strategic partner to MOSTRO a.s. in 2015, which is part of the ZPA Pečky, a.s. group, all the company´s facilities were moved between September 2015 and April 2017 to the current and new premises in Pečky.
The moving process included optimization of all workplaces and gradual restoration of technically obsolete machines and equipment. The relocation of the company production base also included the transfer of a part of the production of rotary and non-rotary parts to ZPA Pečky, a.s. which has the most modern turning machines.
The total costs of relocation from the original site in Prague Modřany to the new headquarters in Pečky exceeded CZK 7 million. Approximately 120 trucks were engaged in moving the company assets, and the total production and non-production areas were reduced from the original 8 600 m2 to the current 5 200 m2.

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